May 21

Certified Outsourcing Professional

Certified Outsourcing Professional Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes 2013

The COP exam is a comprehensive one. It covers the following knowledge domains:
– Fundamentals of Outsourcing
– Business
– Operations
– Communication
– Quality
– People
– Internal Control & Security
– Technology
– Customer Relations
– Program & Project
– Professionalism

You can think of this curriculum as one for business management, with additional focus on outsourcing. When preparing for the exam, think from the point of view of:
– an outsourcer
– a contract manager
– a purchaser/buyer
– a project manager
– a quality manager
– a cost engineer

The outsourcing operation can go local, regional AND ALSO global. In fact, ongoing globalization is accelerating the outsourcing process and adding new layers of complexity together. Finally, even though the certification is not IT oriented, you will be expected to know how technologies can help in the outsourcing equation.

You should use this book TOGETHER WITH other study resources for exam preparation. No single study pack can cover everything. And try to explore the tools offered by IAOP. For example, IAOP offers the Value Health Check Survey web-based diagnostic tool as the key enabler of its Outsourcing Relationship Health Check Process. Some of them may show up in the exam questions!

Book TOC: COP-2014TOC




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