Practice questions

A series of practice questions modules to assist in studying preparation is now available for purchase! Click on this link for a full list.

There are two main kinds of practice review question modules: past exam questions, which are actual questions used in previous years, and review questions that are specially made for practice. Past actual questions can cause problems when the BOK has changed since the questions were first used, then some of the questions might actually be out of date. Some past questions might also be missing information due to changes in the corresponding field or trade. We do NOT provide past actual questions in our products. 

The latter can get you a feel of what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you may keep yourself focused. These are the questions we develop for you. Keep in mind, the most common way to use practice review questions is to stick strictly to the time limit (for MC questions you should give yourself one minute per question). You should not look at any notes or answer explanations while attempting to find the answer.