BCI Certificate

ExamFOCUS BCI Certificate Exam Study Notes 2013: covering the latest CBCI exam.

According to the BCI, the CBCI credential serves as the international standard for validation of BCM knowledge and experience. The CBCI exam has 2 different pass levels, which are “Pass” for less experienced practitioners seeking Associate (AMBCI) or Specialist (SBCI) membership and “Pass with Merit” for those seeking the more senior MBCI grade of membership. The exam is MC based.

BCI has its good practice guidelines for BCM. Behind the guidelines are a wide range of BCM knowledge topics that need to be mastered for exam success. Our study guide covers these knowledge topics to help you prepare for this challenging exam. According to the BCI, Business Continuity Management (BCM) is an holistic process which identifies potential threats to an organization and the impacts to business operations that those threats, if realized, may likely cause. It serves to provide a framework for building organizational resilience with the capability for an effective response capable of safeguarding the interests of key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities.





Author: ycthk