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Free updates for IT
certification exam prep bookshttp://technology.examreview.net/?cat=152
Free updates for professional
certification exam prep books (published AFTER Jun 2013)http://examreview.net/wp/?cat=399
Free updates for state licensure
exam prep bookshttp://statelicense.examreview.net/?cat=114
Free updates for professional
certification exam prep books (published BEFORE Jun 2013)  DISCONTINUED

If you only want to retrieve updates published after Jun 2013, type free update “name of exam” in the Search For box on the right hand side and click Search. For example, to look up all free updates published for the cbcp exam, type in free update cbcp and click the Search button:



This video shows how to search for free updates:

Problems downloading updates

If you are at the office and behind a firewall, the firewall software may prevent you from downloading files from our server. You will need to contact your network administrator and make sure that you can download files through the firewall. You will also need to make sure that you have the correct browser and network settings. If that fails, please try downloading from another location.

Some home based network router may also have a firewall running which prevents file download altogether! Check the router’s manual and make the necessary configuration change accordingly.

Again, we always recommend that you use a regular desktop web browser to view or download these updates. We have not test-viewed these updates using a mobile phone.



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