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At ExamREVIEW, we make it our personal passion to nurture individuals with the energy, motivation and drive to become certified and be successful. If you’re open-minded and willing to look at ways that worked, as well as ones that failed — and find out what makes the difference — keep your eyes glued to our offerings.

We are the original developer of our NO FRILLS Exam prep products. Contents are developed entirely in-house, basing on our own research efforts. We believe that with the right preparation material and the right study approach, everyone can clear exams ethically.


Our market

When a juridiction imposes licensing rules on an occupation, one cannot legally practice that trade without fulfilling the licensing requirements. When a juridiction imposes certification rules on an occupation, certification serves as proof of the workers having met a set of professional benchmarks.

Industry members always prefer the creation of professional standards for entry into their profession. In fact they always have the incentive to implement burdensome entry requirements and protect themselves from competition.

Occupational licensing and professional certification have expanded dramatically over the past 50 years. This growth arises primarily from the growth in the number of occupations for which a jurisdiction requires a license or that a job position requires a certification from the applicants.


Our business model

ExamREVIEW specializes in the development of no-frills exam study material. With products published on a Print-On-Demand basis, we are able to serve a wide variety of market segments with improved quality and speed-to-market while minimizing costs and risks.


How we organize our study material

You want to know that when preparing our study contents we followed a topic flow which we believed is best for the learner. Although we cover most knowledge items suggested by the official Body of Knowledge (we do skip those insignificant/meaningless items), we do not go with the BOK topic flow (the BOK flow is often over-itemized, over-mechanical, over-detailed, and boring). We prefer to make your overall reading experience more logical, practical, comfortable and less boring 😉


Exam ethics

Information contained in our study products is presented as material and concepts that the corresponding exams cover, and is not really intended to simply be memorized. The more you understand the relevant concepts and principles, the better you will do on the exams. Our study products are NOT designed to replicate or “simulate” actual exam questions. If you are looking for “realistic” or actual questions, please shop somewhere elseCandidates must realize that all examinations are confidential, in addition to being protected by federal copyright and trade secret laws.

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ExamREVIEW.NET (a.k.a. ExamREVIEW) is an independent content developer. We at ExamREVIEW are not associated nor affiliated with the certification vendor(s) mentioned in our examprep books. The name(s), title(s) and award(s) of the certification exam(s) mentioned in our books are the trademark(s) of the respective certification vendor(s). We mention these name(s) and/or the relevant terminologies only for describing the relevant exam process(es) and knowledge (i.e. Fair Use).

ExamREVIEW(TM) and ExamFOCUS(TM) are our own trademarks for publishing and marketing self-developed examprep books worldwide. The EXAMREVIEW.NET web site has been created on the Internet since January 2001. The EXAMFOCUS.NET division has its web presence established since 2009.

Our publications are fully copyrighted. Unauthorized re-production or duplication are strictly prohibited.


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We do NOT operate any test engine sites or any question bank kind of online cert site. ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE OFFERED IN PRINTED HARD COPY FORMAT ONLY (EXCEPT FOR CRAMSLIDE AND CRAMFLASH). 


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