May 11

CPP Packaging Professional

Certified Packaging Professional ExamFOCUS Study Notes: Building your CPP exam readiness

ExamFOCUS Study Notes build a solid focus while revisiting key examination topics. Whether you are just starting to study, cramming at the last minute, or simply looking to refresh, this could prove to be a lifesaver!

To succeed in the exam you need to get yourself truly familiar with the most important information by going through sufficiently focused revision. This is where we fill the gap – you may think of our product as the unofficial supplement to Soroka’s book*, or you may view it as a standalone module with a focus on building up your exam readiness.

For effective exam preparation you need to plan your study into a 3-stage process. At the first stage you review the official Soroka text. Give yourself one to two months to go through the text chapter by chapter. Then, at the second stage you go through the chapter review questions. Finally, at the third stage you use our ExamFOCUS study notes to drill on the key topics for the best possible knowledge coverage prior to taking the exam.


Book TOC: CPPPackaging-2014TOC