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Dec 12

CPP Protection Professional Study Guide & Practice Questions 2018/19

CPP Protection Professional Exam Essential Topics Study Guide & Practice Questions 2018/19 This edition comes with contents compatible with the 2016 May revised knowledge domains. The revision is more or less a reorganization of the existing knowledge domains (after all there has not been any new major inventions in the security industry). We give you …

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May 11

CPP Packaging Professional

Certified Packaging Professional ExamFOCUS Study Notes: Building your CPP exam readiness ExamFOCUS Study Notes build a solid focus while revisiting key examination topics. Whether you are just starting to study, cramming at the last minute, or simply looking to refresh, this could prove to be a lifesaver! To succeed in the exam you need to …

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May 09

CPP Certified Payroll Professional

CPP Certified Payroll Professional Certification Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2013: Building your payroll professional exam readiness The CPP designation is granted by the American Payroll Association APA to those who successfully complete the Certified Payroll Professional CPP examination for five full calendar years at which time recertification is required (plus some other …

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May 02

CPP Protection Pro

CPP Exam Essential Topics Study Guide 2013: Building your CPP exam readiness In the practical real world a CPP may be a security manager, an external consultant, or a law enforcement agent. For purpose of the exam, however, you want to position yourself as a hired consultant – one who acts as an advisor to …

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