Aug 18

Certified Bookkeeper Exams All-in-one ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2017/18

Certified Bookkeeper Exams All-in-one ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2017/18: Covering all exam parts

According to the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers AIPB, the Certified Bookkeeper designation establishes the level of knowledge and skill needed to carry out all key book keeping functions. The certification process requires passing an examination, proving 2 years’ experience in bookkeeping, signing a code of ethics, plus meeting ongoing continuing education requirements.

To assure exam success, you are advised to study beyond the level of a bookkeeper (keep in mind, many of those who sit in the certification board are CPAs). Instead of relying on just the standard workbook material, you need to read and learn more to guarantee a pass. That’s why we come up with this ExamFOCUS topic review notes – we give you advanced knowledge material to enhance your exam readiness – we help answer those tough questions that cover advanced knowledge and concepts not found in the standard material.

The certification involves multiple exam parts. Topics include:

Adjusting entries
Error correction
Internal controls and fraud prevention

We do believe that it would be most appropriate for you to study everything together since there are overlapping areas in the exam parts. Your hands-on bookkeeping experience gives you the fundamentals. Our ExamFOCUS notes helps you secure exam success.

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