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CRA Exam ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2013: Building your research administrator exam readiness

According to the Research Administrators Certification Council, the designation of Certified Research Administrator (CRA) means that an individual has met the requirements of the Research Administrators Certification Council’s eligibility requirements and has demonstrated a level of knowledge necessary for a person to be a professional research or sponsored programs administrator. Exam candidates would have to pass the written examination developed by the Council and administered in the form of computer testing by the Professional Testing Corporation. The multiple choice based examination would test a broad base of fundamental information required to meet the demands and responsibilities of the profession. The examination is based on the Council’s comprehensive BOK. 
The CRA exam attempts to assess the knowledge of academic researchers via MC questions – this can become a problem as practical researchers are not always skillful in taking MC tests. ALSO, you must understand that the CRA exam is not only about research skills. It is about the overall administration and management of the entire research effort. Therefore, a lot of “business management” kinds of concept are tested. Having rich academic research background is not enough – you have to be a good administrator and manager as well. 
You MUST realize that a researcher is NOT the same as a research administrator. As an administrator there are a lot of office paper works to go through. Simply knowing how to conduct research would not be sufficient for the job. 
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