Jun 07

Certified Meeting Professional

ExamREADINESS Practice Review Questions for the Certified Meeting Professional Exam 2012: Building your CMP exam readiness

The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification is intended for increasing the professionalism of meeting management professionals. To earn this credential one must meet specific application requirements and pass a rigorous MC based examination consisting of 150 multiple choice questions, covering:


The CMP exam is comprehensive. One has to go through a lot of readings for learning the various exam topics. However, most readings do not come with any practice questions as they were never intended for exam prep use right from the beginning. Intensive practice and review can focus your attention to your weak areas. This is where we fill the gap – you may think of our ExamREADINESS Testprep product as the unofficial supplement to the various exam readings, or you may view it as a standalone module with a focus on building up your exam readiness, THROUGH 101 UNIQUE PRACTICE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

One frequent question encountered when studying for a major exam like this one is whether you have read enough. It is an unfortunate fact that no single text on earth would be sufficient for guaranteed passing with a margin. The more you read, the more you are prepared. The thing is, with limited time and energy, you just can’t read everything. You need to be selective in choosing what to read and what to focus on. If you place the wrong focus, you risk failing the exam.

We develop this review questions module (101 review questions) by performing extensive research on a wide array of reference texts. The goal is to provide coverage that is as completed and comprehensive as possible. If you fail to answer a question, the module will point you to the right source so you may research into the topic accordingly. By going through this process you will know whether you have done enough reading or not, and where you should put further efforts on.

Answers to the review questions were defined through referencing the following texts:
Meetings, Conventions, and Expositions An Introduction to the Industry / Rhonda Montgomery and Sandra Strick. (1995)
Global Meetings and Exhibitions / Carol Krugman and Rudy Wright. (2007)
Introduction to the Conventions, Expositions and Meetings Industry / Denney Rutherford. (1990)
Event Planning (2ed) / Judy Allen. (2009)
The Essentials of Meeting Management / Richard Hildreth (1990)

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