May 08


CGBP ExamESSENTIALS Exam Study Guide 2013

The CGBP is a 3-hour paper and pencil based, 150-question multiple choice exam, administered twice a year. The time allowed is three hours. Exam score is based strictly on the number of questions answered correctly. One must achieve a minimum scaled score of 500 in order to pass. Do note that the exam would not test specific knowledge associated with a particular country or culture. 
The four major knowledge domains are: 
Domain 1: Global Business Management 
Domain 2: Global Marketing 
Domain 3: Supply Chain Management 
Domain 4: Trade Finance 
Self study pack for CGBP is rare so we fill the gap here by releasing the CGBP ExamEssentials Study Guide. The CGBP ExamEssentials Study Guide provides extensive and in-depth study coverage on all the CGBP exam parts.

Book TOC: CGBP-2014TOC

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