Oct 18

CFCM Contract Management 2014

<< The 2015 edition of this study guide has been released >>

CFCM Contract Management Exam Study Guide & Practice Questions 2014

For CFCM, FAR is definitely the focus. Still, knowledge on commercial acquisition and contract is essential as it forms the foundation of modern contract management. You should therefore go through the sections on business procurement and commercial contracting in addition to studying FAR. In this study product we have both contracting-specific and FAR knowledge sections. You want to know that the CFCM exam has been updated to cover FAR changes of FACs 05-46 through 05-57. A special section is accordingly made available in this book to provide information on the more important changes that are deem relevant for the exam. GB knowledge topics are no longer covered in this book.

The Sept 2012 FAR revisions have been included in this edition. Latest case laws are also covered.


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