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According to the ASIS, the PSP examination is for security professionals whose primary responsibility is to conduct threat surveys; design integrated security systems that include equipment, procedures, and people; or install, operate, and maintain those systems.


PSP ExamESSENTIALS Special Topics Study Guide & Practice Test

Many PSP candidates are experienced professional who have been in the field of security for years, that they know most of the practical how-tos, and all they need is to learn the principles, concepts and science that are behind the physical security techniques. Going through all the reference material officially listed would be quite overwhelming for these busy professionals.   

The PSP exam requires that you complete multiple-choice questions covering tasks, knowledge, and skills on a number of topics, such as:

  • Physical Security Assessment 

  • Application, Design and Integration of Physical Security Systems 

  • Implementation of Physical Security Measures

Coverage is highly extensive - in fact so extensive that I wouldn't recommend taking the exam until you are fully drilled on the relevant topics.

The whole idea behind professional physical security is that you need to know what are to be protected behind the door and the values involved in order to determine the suitable security measures to be deployed. Your security solution must be practical and realistic and must be within budget, while being capable of offering the level of security in need. Accordingly we found that the topics listed below are of the highest importance exam-wise: 

Physical Security Risk Management

Physical Security Threat and Impact Assessment

Physical Security System Procurement

Physical Security System Design

Physical Security Technologies and Equipment Applications

That is why we came up with this special study guide - the PSP Special Topics Exam Study Guide for PSP Exam Candidate. You may think of our guide as the unofficial supplement to the official readings, or you may view it as a standalone guide with special focus from a professional perspective.


When we developed this guide we studied thoroughly the essential information presented in five major security texts, including: Security Manual (Brooksbank, 2007), Industrial Security (Berger, 1999), Security Design Consulting: The Business of Security System Design (Gouin, 2007), Risk Analysis and the Security Survey (Broder, 2006), and Physical Security Systems Handbook: the Design and Implementation of Electronic Security Systems (Khairallah, 2006). We analyzed the contents, and have all useful information fully digested and re-presented in a format highly suitable for exam prep purpose.

There are also multiple choices practice questions included in this study guide package.

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SAMPLE TEXT on site inspection

Closeout inspection is usually accomplished right before a faciity is administratively terminated. During closeout inspections, all areas and containers that have been authorized for the storage of confidential material must be checked to ensure proper and complete removal.

Important: During field inspection, it is important to also observe life-safety and fire-code violations.

An inspection report should be produced after the completion of the inspection. The report should be distributed to the relevant parties in a timely manner and should require a response to any recommendations.

Important: One very important area for inspection is perimeter construction. In other words, you want to know the material used for constructing the perimeter and find out whether they should be further hardened.


When determining the resistance value of the perimeter, make sure you place saving life as the top most concern. This would be particularly important for facilities that are the likely targets of terrorist attack. Generally speaking, a blast resistant design would require a higher elastic region value, and a proper standoff distance would allow for the most effective resistance to blast.




SAMPLE TEXT on physical security design


Given all sorts of real-world constraints, no security system can be completely effective against all kinds of potential threats and invasive actions. Since resources are finite, your design must be optimized in such a way that the performance goals can be successfully met within the specified limitations. A balanced approach that does not allocate all resources to any single aspect of the problem while ignoring another would be preferred.

Generally, there are three types of human adversaries that should be considered when designing a physical protection system. They are outsiders, insiders, and outsiders in collusion with insiders. They may use tactics of force, stealth, or deceit in achieving their wrongful goals. Adversary characteristics could be very different. This is why security systems to prevent theft and security systems to prevent sabotage (which would often include actions of vandalism) are often highly different.

Detection, delay, and response are the basic and most fundamental elements of a physical protection system. With these in mind when developing a security design, proper balance between hardware and procedural elements must be achieved. To be effective, physical protection should include policies and procedures designed to keep the physical protection systems functioning as intended.

NOTE: Always keep in mind, without staff commitment to the security program, your security program will never be effective. Integrating security into the culture of an organization is important. You do not expect a regular staff to become a security guard, but you should expect your full-time permanent staff force to possess the knowledge and awareness capability to detect, discern, and deny an outsider from causing an emergency situation within the organization.


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History about this product line:

Our first hardcopy PSP examprep book was published in March 22, 2009!

As an independent content developer, we are NOT affiliated with the ASIS.

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