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Certified Business Continuity Professional

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CBCP Study Guide and Practice Questions


2013 Edition 


Everything you need to pass the CBCP exam!


Our latest revision CBCP Study Guide is packed with valuable information for guaranteeing your exam success!

According to DRII, the CBCP certification program acknowledges an individual's effort to achieve a professional level of competence in the industry. Designed to be rigorous, well controlled, and free of bias, the program is centered on the DRI Professional Practices. The certification process delivers authoritative recognition of one's level of industry knowledge and capabilities.

To earn the Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) designation, you must pass a multiple choices exam administered by DRII affiliates or by Prometrics. There is only ONE EXAM; your score on the same exam determines your eligibility for certification at a variety of levels – DRII offers FOUR certs now.

The DRII exam maintains a very high standard for the following reasons:
a) To establish their standards on an ISO9000 certification level;
b) To ensure that people who pass the exam do have strong practice knowledge, interest and expertise;
c) To ensure that the credibility for the profession is maintained.

Information and terminology from the 10 Subject Areas of the Professional Practices standard serve as basis for the DRII exam. This exam (which has a new version released in mid-Feb) has a lot of questions that ask for your "best decisions" - of the hundreds of questions you will encounter in the exams, a significant portion of them requires that you pick the best possible options. These best options are often based on experience and best practices not easily found in the standard exam text books.

There are also plenty of questions on concepts and theories. These are the questions quite closely related to the published objectives of the official BOK. They mostly ask for the correct definitions of terms. For example, you will be tested heavily on the difference between RM and BIA. You will also be tested on your understanding of the way ER works.

Business continuity is a term that describes the processes and procedures an organization puts in place to ensure that essential functions can continue during and after a disaster. Business continuity planning seeks to prevent interruption of mission-critical services, and to reestablish full functioning as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Business Continuity is a broad topic which covers a variety of concepts over a broad time frame. First it deals with the moment before anything bad has actually happened. Through Risk Management (RM) techniques you know and anticipate your risks and threats. Through Business Impact Analysis (BIA) you know the possible damages to your business so you and your management people start to get real serious in planning for continuity. With Project Management (PM) skills you manage the creation, testing, delivery and maintenance of your continuity plan as project(s).

Much like Contingency Planning (CP), Business Continuity Planning also deals directly with the bad days through proper preparation, followed by careful implementation. In your continuity plan you have elements related to Emergency Response (ER) and Disaster Recovery (DR), which address the moment right after an emergency disaster has taken place. These topics deal with the steps that you and your people have to take to give proper response to and recover from the tragedy. And through Crisis Communication (CM) techniques you let people know exactly what and how you are doing all the way.

NOTE: BCP serves to integrate and coordinate the narrower scopes of the various smaller plans.

Our CBCP/ABCP Study Guide goes the expert-advice way. Instead of just giving you the hard facts, we also give you information that covers the best practices. With these information, you will always be able to make the most appropriate expert judgment in the exam.



Our CBCP Study Guide is simply the BEST!


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Read each question carefully. DRI is notorious for questions written to trip up people who read carelessly. Sometimes the crucial information is contained in the last several words of a very-long question. Make sure you fully understand the intent and purpose of each question.

You want to use our study guide to learn the tricks and avoid getting tripped up during the exam. As an example, suppose you have just updated the BCP plan. Which of the following parties should receive the updated plan?

A, Ross the big boss
B, the ERT
C, Tom the ER Team Leader
D, Mary and Ann the ER Teammates

Even though you know that everyone should be informed of the update, you are allowed to pick only 2 choices. Which 2 choices will you pick?

What if:

- Ross is on vacation in Hawaii
- Tom is currently on duty and is in charge of the ER efforts
- Mary and Ann are actively participating in the frontline ER efforts

Who should receive the updated plan FIRST? Pick ONE:

A, Ross the big boss
B, the local government authority
C, Tom the ER Team Leader
D, Mary and Ann, the ER Teammates

For the first question, you should send the update to: A, Ross the big boss; and
B, the ERT. Why? Because choice B is a superset of choice C and D - Tom, Mary and Ann are members of the ERT. You want to inform everyone, so you want to inform the big boss and the entire ER Team.

For the second question, you should FIRST update Tom. Ross is on vacation, so if something goes seriously wrong he probably won't be of timely help. You should first send the updated plan to Tom. Tom as the ER Team Leader is responsible for updating his team members (in this case Mary and Ann ) accordingly.

Now you see the logic?

One more example - what is the MOST important factor for success in your BCP effort?

First you need management awareness. Without this there will be no management commitment. Once you have the support, you can build your plan and push it through. At the time you promote your plan, you need to build up user awareness. When the users become BCP-aware, they will be willing to accept training. With proper training they will be able to take the most out of your plan. 


Other CBCP Test Taking Tips

  • Last minute cram can be counter-productive. Therefore, don't cram the night before. Get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast.

  • Get yourself to the exam center at least 30 minutes early so you'll have time to calm down and compose yourself to face the beast alone.

  • Relax. There is no need to be tense. You will do fine if you've given yourself enough time to study and learn what you'll need to know.

  • Answer the questions with clear thinking. Remember, there's a lot of overlap between the different knowledge domains, and the best thing to do is to keep in mind the general "flavor" or "feeling" of each domain so you'll understand the aspect, perspective and application of the duplicated topics.

  • Use the scrap paper you are given to write down anything you might find helpful during the exam. Use this paper to mark questions you are uncertain about or want to skip. Once you reach the end of the exam and if you still have time left, review the marked questions.

  • Take full advantage of the process of elimination. Questions on the CBCP exam are multiple choice. Your goal is to select the most correct answer. There are many questions with two or three correct answer selections, but only one is the most correct. Being most correct may mean most complete or most specific or most direct to the question asked. If you are not sure of the answer to a question, figure out which answers definitely are wrong and make your educated guess from there. Wrong answers don't subtract from your score anyway.

Latest update:

  • Now you can take the exam through the Prometric network of testing centers. To receive a Prometric eligibility number, you must pay for your registration through the DRII website. After you receive your eligibility number, you can schedule to take the exam at anytime during the local Prometric Centers hours of operation.


To order this book in printed format:

Examessentials CBCP Study Guide & Practice Questions 2013 Edition
Building Your CBCP Exam Readiness


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The 2013 version is NOT available as E-book.


Other CBCP related products:

DRII requires those who passed the qualification exam to submit short application essays for individual certification request to be approved. The essays should be written to document what have been done and how things have been done by the candidate in several selected areas of the BCP knowledge domains. In other words, it is all about documenting one’s BCP experience.

This workbook aims to provide you with ideas and directions in writing the application essays. Writing something from scratch without any leading guidance can be difficult. To overcome this difficulty, we provide you with leading questions which will help generating ideas for your short essays. The answers to the questions can be used for forming the cores of your essays, and you are encouraged to answer the questions by referring to your actual on-the-job experience.

Another use of this workbook is case study preparation. Case study requires careful review and examination of real life (or real life like) scenarios beyond the level of basic text book study. One needs to apply real life experience and skills into the situation at hand for the solution proposed to be practical and effective.

In fact, you may use this workbook to facilitate group discussion. It would be very productive for members of a study group to share their experience on the various topics presented in the workbook.


To order this workbook in printed format:


ISBN/EAN13: 1456318624/9781456318628
Page Count: 82
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8" x 10"
Language: English
Color: Black and White

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